RMJS – Official Press Kit – Picture by Lukas Schmid

Artist Biography

If you are meant to do something in your life, you will always come back around to it. Robin Haas, known as RMJS, is thankful he can say that for music. Growing up near Stuttgart, Germany, a young child fell in love with music and began taking guitar lessons day in and day out. This ritual followed its course for over eight full years until he just stopped. Becoming disillusioned with it, Robin took years to rediscover his passion for music. Infatuated with the electronic scene, he soon dove back in using Garageband and eventually moving to Logic. He soon crafted unique pop melodies utilizing all the hallmarks of dance music. Now a twenty-year-old, he finds himself DJing at clubs across the city while crafting his debut project. The road may not have been clear for him, but the destination is proving to be worth it!

Contact Information

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